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What Tenants in Mediterranean Commercial Buildings Should Expect from Cleaning Service Companies

What Tenants in Mediterranean Commercial Buildings Should Expect from Cleaning Service Companies

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Commercial cleaning services are different from any other type of cleaning. Most clients hire commercial cleaners without attempting to understand what to expect when dealing with these cleaners. They hire professional cleaners without obtaining an understanding of what will be taking place on their premises. Anybody who wishes to hire a cleaner to provide commercial cleaning Service NYC should read what follows below.

One area in which commercial and residential cleaning differs is in costs. Commercial cleaning costs more than residential.

Factors responsible for the high cost of commercial cleaning include:
a) Size of the commercial property
b) How frequently the cleaning shall take place
c) How much work is required to keep the place clean

Therefore, the first thing to expect from commercial cleaners is high rates.

Clean Floors

Additionally, the cleaners would like information on the type(s) of the floor the building has. The choice of equipment the cleaners bring to work depends on the floor type. The cleaning method commercial cleaners use will also depend on the type of floor found in the building. For example, a building covered in a carpet would probably need vacuuming or steam cleaning. On the other hand, tiled floors would need sweeping, mopping, and polishing.

Clean Restrooms

Commercial cleaning also includes keeping the restrooms spotlessly clean. Therefore, expect cleaners from the commercial cleaning company to ask you the number of restrooms the building has. They will not hesitate to seek information on the number of sinks, urinals, and stalls each room has. Do not be surprised to come across cleaners who are interested in the number of mirrors your commercial building has.

Clean Windows

The cleaning of exterior windows is rarely covered under commercial cleaning. Mostly, the cleaners focus on interior windows. Therefore, expect questions regarding the number of windows the building has. The cleaners need this piece of information to prepare the right quote for you. Together with this, they will also ask questions regarding how many glass doors are in the building too.

Clean Break Rooms

Employee break room areas are a different matter altogether. Therefore, be ready to negotiate the break rooms separately with the cleaners. Most cleaners only sweep the floor and empty the trash receptacles while cleaning employee break rooms. Negotiate for a more thorough cleaning session if you believe the room is irredeemably dirty and in need of special attention. The negotiation should revolve around other aspects of the break room, which include:
a) Refrigerator
b) Sink
c) Microwave

Let the cleaners know if you want your refrigerator, sink, and microwave cleaned regularly.

Clean Furnishings

Commercial cleaning also involves giving the furnishings in the waiting areas a good scrubbing. The furnishings need a proper cleaning session to make them sanitary and fit for use too. Magazine holders and racks need a bit of attention. Every aspect of the waiting areas needs a thorough cleaning as well. Therefore, talk with the cleaning firm to confirm if their services cover the waiting areas. Ask them what sort of services you should expect for the waiting areas.