Benefits of HVAC Systems on Fishing and Commercial Shipping Fleets

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Benefits of HVAC Systems on Fishing and Commercial Shipping Fleets

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The quality of air on board fishing and commercial shipping fleets determines how long the vessels can stay at sea. This factor has necessitated the inclusion of advanced HVAC systems in almost any vessel that spends days at sea or carries many people. The specific technology used may vary from one ship to another, but the principle goals of the systems are the same. The main advantages of HVAC systems on fishing and commercial shipping fleets are discussed below:

Go to sea in any season

With the adverse effect of seasonal changes on temperature, there is the need to stabilize the temperature inside shipping fleets. During summer, the vessels need a constant supply of cold air while in winter, a supply of hot and fresh air is necessary. HAVC systems are designed to ensure these supplies are maintained. Without these systems, vessels would not be able to go to sea during extreme cold or hot weathers. This is because the people in the ships will suffer from either heat stroke or frostbite. The ability to go to sea at any time increases investors’ earning from their ships.

Comfortable Journeys and working conditions

A basic diagram of heating/AC systems on shipping fleets.

A basic diagram of heating/AC systems on shipping fleets.

Ships and fishing vessels are enclosed to protect the ship and people on board from rain and storms. This enclosure has the adverse effect of building up the heat in the vessels during summer and hindering natural ventilation in large ships. The high temperature and poor ventilation result into an uncomfortable environment that may make workers avoid the ship.

With HVAC systems, ships can maintain comfortable internal conditions for people on board, hence they are extremely important.  For a recent venture from ports in Florida, US, we worked with the #1 Orlando AC services company to ensure the voyage back to the mediterranean has a working HVAC system. For vessels in cold environment such as icebreakers, the system is used to warm up the various compartments in the ship. HVAC systems are, therefore, critical to comfortable sea journeys and working conditions in ships.

Improved Profitability

The profitability of fishing and commercial shipping fleets depends on the effectiveness of workers. With several weeks at sea and no option of replacing workers when their effectiveness goes down, these vessels are built with the employees’ needs in mind. The fleets have reliable HVAC systems to provide a comfortable living environment to the seamen. The systems ensure that living quarters, kitchens, bridge, and engine rooms are well ventilated and operate under suitable conditions to human beings. Such environment enables the people on board to work efficiently for weeks. The result is a safe and quick arrival of goods.

Disease Free

Diseases are transmitted quickly in the humid environment caused by inadequate ventilations and lack of properly working Air Conditioning units. Some of these diseases are dangerous to the health of the workers as it can cause organ failures and deaths. Disease outbreak inside fishing and commercial shipping vessels may lead to unavailability of essential personnel. These factors may result in delays that can cause loss of thousands or even millions of dollars. Hot summers and cold winters can also cause heatstroke and frostbites respectively. HVAC systems are, therefore, essential to preventing diseases and injuries.

HVAC Systems on fishing and commercial shipping fleets are critical for business. The systems should be regularly maintained to keep them from breaking down when the ship is at sea. Moreover, it is advisable to have a worker who is skilled in repairing these essential systems on board at all times.

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