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GFCM meetings for the intersessional period 2014–2015 (PDF)

GFCM 38th - CoC 8th - CAF 5th (19-24 May 2014)

Meeting documents, news and practical arrangements (GFCM Cooperative Portal-Public Section)


27 June 2014 - Video: GFCM activities towards sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

11 June 2014 - The Algerian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources received at Palazzo Blumenstihl

The Algerian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, H.E. Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi, visited the GFCM headquarters and met the GFCM Chairperson, the Executive Secretary and the staff. This visit was the occasion to discuss opportunities for enhanced cooperation between Algeria and the GFCM. Important issues related to the amendment of the GFCM legal framework, small-scale fisheries, aquaculture and IUU fishing were discussed and common initiatives for the near future were examined. In particular, Algeria will host the Second regional symposium on small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in 2015 and the visit was also the occasion to address aspects related to the organization of this important event.

  April 2014. Eurofish Magazine 2 / 2014. The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - Multifaceted approach to improve stock management (En)


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