General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean

Authorized vessels list
Record of vessels over 15 metres authorized to operate in the GFCM area
Task 1 Statistical Bulletin
Information by Fleet Segment and Operational Unit for each GFCM-GSA (Information, where available, on the activity of Operational Units, particularly in relation to fishing periods, specific gear used, target species and catches is also included)
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Vessel List
Production Statistics
FAO global production statistics - capture and aquaculture
Information System for the Promotion of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean countries
GFCM Priority Species list
FAO Species Fact Sheets
Shared Stocks list
FIRMS - GFCM Marine Resource Fact Sheets
Marine Resource Fact Sheets
FAO-FIRMS Resource Fact Sheets

Fishery Restricted Areas (FRA)
Standard format for the submission of proposals for GFCM Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRA) in the Mediterranean
National Legislation
SAC Glossary
SIPAM data entry components on the web
Dolphin Fish
Data entry form
Red coral
Excel data reporting system
Data-entry tool
Stock Assessment
Data-entry tool and links to Data folders
Task 1 - Operational Units
Data-entry tool, Documentation, XML Schema Definition, CSV data exchange format
Vessel Records
Data Reporting Tool, Documentation, XML Schema Definition, CSV data exchange format
- Fleet Register (RFR)
- Authorized Vessel List (AVL)
- Minimum Mesh Size (MMS)
- Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRA)

Fleet Segmentation
GFCM fleet segments classification
Fishing effort
Table on fishing effort measurement
National reports
GFCM format for the preparation of National Reports
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