General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean

> GFCM Capture Production 1970-2011 online query
   (Capture production statistics by country or areas, species item, and GFCM statistical division)*
This online database is populated with the catch statistics for the Mediterranean and Black Sea area as reported by the national authorities of countries to FAO through the FISHSTAT NS1 and STATLANT 37A questionnaries.
- CWP Handbook of Fishery Statistical Standards - STATLANT system of questionnaires (HTML)
- FAO statistical questionnaries for reporting fishery data (PDF)
*For statistical purposes the GFCM region (FAO fishing area 37 - Mediterranean and Black Sea"), has been split into four subareas, further sub-divided in ten divisions. Tuna catches are not allocated according to GFCM statistical divisions and are grouped together into a division named "Tunas" (37.0.0). Another division, named "Not known" (37.9.0), contains all the catches for which the statistical division is not known.

> Global Production (capture and aquaculture) 1950-2012 online query
> Global Capture Production 1950-2012 online query
   (GFCM area included)
> Global Aquaculture Production 1950-2012 online query
   (GFCM area included)

Further information could be found in the FAO Fisheries website:
GFCM (Mediterranean and Black Sea) Capture Production data collection
Global Production | Global Capture Production | Global Aquaculture Production

FishStatJ - software for fishery statistical time series
The system provides users with access to fishery statistics of various sorts. Any data having time series structure can potentially be stored and processed by FishStatJ. The system consists of a main module and the datasets. Currently all data sets are included within the set up module, while in later version the datasets will be provided separately. FishStatJ, a Java-based desktop application, is the new generation of the well known and widely used FishStat Plus software.

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