International Shipping Security Concerns

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International Shipping Security Concerns

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International movers face dangers and obstacles every day that most of the people who hire them never even consider. There are certain precautions that they need to take on any job and some that they need to address when moving your belongings to parts of the world that are unstable or currently immersed in an armed conflict. Many have been hiring international security to go to jobs that are opening up in countries where it is still not completely safe for leisurely travel.

Freight Ship

Freight shipping companies in Mediterranean and Indian Oceans are facing security concerns.

To offset some of the dangers, international security use well-traveled routes that have security forces in place from either the local police or armed forces that are occupying an area. They also used unmarked trucks in certain regions so that members of the opposition will not know which country their cargo is coming from. It is important in some areas for the international movers to be completely anonymous in between the point of origin and the final destination. Some nations, being one of them, are not all that popular in certain parts of the world so acknowledging an affiliation with an American citizen may not be safe for the international movers. Drivers are well aware of this and try not to carry anything that indicates who they are transporting for other than the documents necessary to get through military check-points.

Exit and entry ports are generally well guarded and fairly safe for the loading and unloading of cargo. The difficulties usually arise in the transport from the entry port to the final drop off spot. Roads in remote regions are avoided and some international movers will not handle this portion of the journey at all. If you are moving for a job opportunity, find out if your employer has a system in place to help you transport your furnishings to your new home.

Other security concerns involve the voyage over by ship or plane. shipping for international security normally don’t own these transport vessels so security is the responsibility of the crew and the charter company. Many of the ships that traverse the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean now have weapons or armed guards to help fend off pirates which still exist out there. There is also a heavy military presence from both the United States and United Nations security forces patrolling the major shipping routes. International movers are well aware of this and make it a point to stick close to the designated shipping routes. When they are forced to go off track they radio their location in and try to get back to the shipping lane as quickly as possible.

Of course, it’s not just in conflict nations that danger exists for shipping for international security. Trucks are hijacked in the other civilized nations all the time. The most important safety concern for international movers is always their personnel. They have all clients sign liability, theft and damage waivers in the event of a robbery so that their people will not have to put themselves at risk. Human life is far more valuable than your living room set or household appliances.

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