Plumbing Problems on Ships

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Plumbing Problems on Ships

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There are a lot of different problem that can occur on board a ship, the worst being a fire, but also significantly bad is problems with plumbing and sewage on board.  Many might think that a ship won’t have problems with running water, but that is certainly a misunderstanding.  The presence of clean running water and proper sewage and waste management on board is what makes living on a ship for weeks or even months at a time possible.

Importance of Training for Shipmates

One of the issues with ship issues is that you don’t always have an expert on board.  For commercial cruises they always bring a plumber on board, but for a smaller venture it’s just not feasible to bring a dedicated staff member just for something liek that.

24 hour Plumber on a ship

Plumbers on ships are a necessity, so its best to train your shipmates.

Also important to keep in mind is this is not a big city where someone can call 24 hour plumber nyc and have someone rush over.  Once you are out at sea, the shipmates are all you have until you get back to shore, so you need to have all the training necessary to handle any issue that might come up.

Marine Plumbing Supplies

As your staff is trained in the needs of marine plumbing, you’ll now need some supplies to make sure they can handle situations as they come up.  This includes all the smaller items, such as pipes and fittings, pumps and hoses, etc.  These can be found at various plumbing supply shops, online or in person.

Some ideas for having extra supplies of the following:

  • Marine Toilets
  • Holding Tanks
  • Valves
  • Water Heater
  • Ventilation

Having all these supplies, just in case, will go a long way in insuring that your shipmates and yourself won’t face any unnecessary challenges when it comes to plumbing onboard your fishing vessel.

Emergency Stores of Food and Water

Let’s be honest, handling human waste is not the biggest deal when traveling on the ocean.  However, what is a big deal is if water sources become compromised.  As the old sailors adage goes, “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”, it’s a seaman’s worst nightmare is to be stuck at sea without water to drink.

How this matters with plumbing is that much of the plumbing system is hooked up with the water system.  While the drinking/fresh water and the “grey” water are segragated, any impact on the pipes (like cracking, breaking, freezing, etc) can impact both.  In this case it is crucial to have excess amounts of water on hand for emergencies.

Given all the recent news about cruise ship horror stories, it seems appropriate to try and avoid them on more commercial ventures. Thankfully with a fully trained staff, excess supplies and a positive mental attitude, you likely won’t be needing to worry about your fishing venture.  Just be sure to have all these checks in place before you set sail.

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