This Week in Maritime Jargon: What is a Water Tank Float Valve?

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Water Tank Float Valve

This Week in Maritime Jargon: What is a Water Tank Float Valve?

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There is a lot of equipment on a fishing vessel, much of which the general public doesn’t know much about.  However in the coming weeks we’d like to cover a bunch of terms and equipment that are used in maritime life, in hopes to spread awareness about the complexity, important is interesting nature of these items/terms.

This week we are going to talk about the water tank float valve.  What is this exactly?  Well, let’s walk through it a little bit.

It’s a valves that resides within a water tank.  It floats inside the water tank (hence the name) and is able to be turned on and off based on the level of the water.  In fact, most every home has this type of valve in it.  Where you may ask?  Well, the toilet!

In the reserve tank of a standard flush toilet you have a float valve that will stay open until the water reaches a certain level.  The valve in combination with the lever is sometimes called the “ball cock mechanism”, but at the fundamental level it is a float valve within a water tank.

This is also used in many different plumbing applications.  The “ball float valve” is one such example, usually used in a vent system.  If water rises past a certain point, the valve will turn off, preventing flow of liquid up the vent.


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